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Writing Challenges – Overcoming Test Anxiety

As you know from class, our English Composition classes are issued several writing challenges geared toward helping you practice your writing skills.

Sometimes these challenges contain specific instructions for writing one of the three types of essays you will be tested on, and sometimes they will be generic assignments. Read the rest of this entry »

Microsoft PowerPoint Printing Styles

Many of the classes offered at our nursing school are taught using Microsoft PowerPoint slides. Frequently, students have difficulty remembering how to best print these slides to bring to class or study from. Here are some basic instructions for how to decide which method of printing you want to use.

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September 13, 2010 English Composition Week 3

Week 3 Activities – 9/13/10

Hello everyone! Here are the Week 3 Activities that the Fall 2010 class completed recently.

As you review these activities, watch closely for the changes we made to our essay through each step of the process.

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