William Blake: Various Poems

William Blake is one of the poets that students are encouraged to be familiar with before going into the English Composition and Humanities exams.

William Blake has two sets of poems that serve as counter points of view to each other.

Read these poems carefully and consider how the views and themes of the poetry appear to be opposites of each other.

Infant Joy vs. Infant Sorrow

The Tyger vs The Lamb

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  • yushi says:

    William Blake is one of my favorite poets although I read his poems because of the classes. My favorite poem of his is, ‘Hear the Voice’. I read about his Biography and I was surprised to learn that writing is not his first job when he was young. He was an engraver and he was also one of the apprentices of the Royal Society of Antiquaries’ engraver, James Basire.

  • pasta says:

    Compared to his poems, I adore his paintings even more. Like what yushi posted above. He is indeed one of the best engravers in English history. Although he started as engraver, he actually started to write his first poem at the age of 12. I always love to see how he linked his poem to his painting.

  • Jessica Sethman says:

    After reading the poems and the comments from the other users/students, I really want to see more of his paintings and poems. He was an inspiring writer and his style is really mysterious. If I can, I would love to collect them as my collection. I wonder where I can get the full list of his work.

  • Narsha says:

    A truth that’s told with bad intent, Beats all the lies you can invent. This quote is my favorite William Blake’s quote out of so many more. I also interested to purchase one of his books, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Do you think that I can get it from Amazon?

  • McNugget says:

    You guys can try to do a search on ‘complete work of William Blake’ online. You will be able to see all his paintings and artwork in high resolutions. I downloaded a lot of them. I also read a funny story about him and his wife where both of them read poems in their garden and they were naked. Then a friend arrived. I can’t imagine what the reaction is. LOL!

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