Microsoft PowerPoint Printing Styles

Many of the classes offered at our nursing school are taught using Microsoft PowerPoint slides. Frequently, students have difficulty remembering how to best print these slides to bring to class or study from. Here are some basic instructions for how to decide which method of printing you want to use.

Slide: This method will print out a single PowerPoint slide per page. While this does ensure that the slides are nice and big so that you can see fine details, but can really add up to a lot of paper with larger documents.

Handouts: This method allows you to print multiple slides per page, which can save you quite a bit of paper when printing.

-If you still want the slides to be fairly large so that fine detail or small text are easily visible, try printing Handouts with the “Slides per Page” option set to 2. This will shrink the slides by 50% and place two on each page, so they are still readable but the amount of pages is cut in halt.
-If you want to save even more paper, but still have a fairly readable size, you can select 4 slides per page to have slides print out 4 on each paper. You can still read small text and see fine detail on images on this setting.
-If you would like to save a bit more paper and have room to right in the margins, change the setting to 3 slides per page. This will print the slides in a small but still readable size on the left-hand side of the page, with notepad-style lines on the right to take notes on.
-If you want to maximize your paper saving, select 6 slides per page. These will print the same size as 3 per page but will replace the notes column with an additional 3 slides.
-Unless you are printing on legal sized paper, I do not recommend printing 9 slides per page, as the slides are too small to read clearly this way.

Notes Page: When a PowerPoint document is being edited, there is a note section at the bottom of each slide allowing the author to “take notes” on what he or she wants to say while this slide is being presented. This printing option will print 1 slide per page, with this notes section visible underneath.

Outline View:
This method will really maximize paper-saving, since the text from the slides will be printed, in an outline style, instead of the outline of a slide being printed. This is good for PowerPoint presentations that do not have a lot of images in them. Just be sure to note that the pictures will not print on this option!

Once you’ve decided which style you want, check out our article on “How to Print a Microsoft PowerPoint Document” for instructions 0n how to print.

5 Responses to “Microsoft PowerPoint Printing Styles”

  • yushi says:

    I will print depending on the size of the font in the PowerPoint slides. If they are big enough to read, I will just dump 8 slides per page. I will only use it in the class as reference anyway. I love to make my own notes so that I can understand them better.

  • pasta says:

    If I am going to use it as my main study material, I will print a slide per page. If it is just for quick reference, then more slides per page is the most economical way.

  • Jessica Sethman says:

    I still don’t get it about printing Note Pages. Do we have to type the note in that printed slides or we can use handwriting? It’s quite big to print a slide on a page. If I am going to give a talk, I don’t feel like holding a bunch of papers. I will just carry a few cards with main points.

  • Narsha says:

    It doesn’t matter how I print it as long as it is easy and comfortable for me to find and read the information.

  • McNugget says:

    I am not really a visual person so outline view would be the best choice for me to print my document. It’s all the words that matters. Thanks for posting this. I just knew that I can have different ways to print a PowerPoint files.

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