To Future Accelerated Learning Center Students,

Stephen K. Jones

Stephen K. Jones, Chairman / CEO

Thank you for visiting our website. I appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to better inform you about the Accelerated Learning Center’s credit by exam RN bridge program and share our student’s testimonials.

Our Program bridges LPN’s, RT’s, Paramedics and others to a RN licensure by first tutoring you to your ASN degree. This will allow you to take the State RN NCLEX to get your RN license. After you successfully have your RN license you may bridge to a BSN/RN program.

In short, we tutor the accredited Excelsior College ASN and BSN Bridge Program. This program bridges LPN’s, RT’s, Paramedics and others over to a RN. This is achieved by successfully completing a credit by exam ASN degree, with the help of our tutors and accelerated tutorial program, then taking the State RN NCLEX to achieve your RN license. After that then you may bridge over from an ASN to BSN.

There are several advantages to going through the Accelerated Learning Center Program.

COST – Less Expensive.. (One Low Flat Fee … Not per semester hour)
TIME – Accelerated program less time … no waiting list…Become an RN sooner.
PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTORS – Experienced professionals that interact with and motivate our students to success.
GUARANTEE – We guarantee that you will pass your exams to achieve your degree.

Below are just a few Student Testimonials that I am proud for you to review! After you have reviewed the information in this website and the testimonials, please contact me so that we may discuss your options for your future as an RN.

Thanks Again,
Stephen K. Jones
Chairman/CEO, Accelerated Learning Center, Inc.

Nursing Program Nashville Student
“The instructors and this program kept me informed and motivated to make it through the Excelsior Program. The CPNE Prep Class helped me pass on the first attempt.”
Thanks,David Prather


As Rhonda Long shares in her own words below, completing the Excelsior CPNE is a major accomplishment. It is one of the toughest clinical exams that a nursing student will ever come across. Finding a nursing school that offers value added courses and that is effectively supportive are most important keys to a students success. Especially when you get to that all important Clinical Lab (CPNE) and NCLEX. Accelerated Learning Center offers additional Preparatory courses for both the Excelsior College CPNE  and the State NCLEX. ALC has a 99% Exam pass rate from students that have taken our CPNE and NCLEX Preparatory Courses.

Nursing Program Nashville Student
“I did it!!!!!! I passed my CPNE in Atlanta GA April 19-21……I was the only one out of the 6 there that passed…….YEAH YEAH. HARD WORK AND DEDICATION…… With lots and lots of study. I am glad it is over….”
Thanks,Rhonda Nadine Long


Nursing Program Nashville Student
“I have been a paramedic for 11 years and in EMS for 15 years. Having 5 children at home makes scheduling time for traditional college courses next to impossible. The length of time would be very discouraging and the cost,impossible to budget,I like this alternative RN Bridge Program because it gives me the information I need to succeed and keeps me on schedule without an excuse to procrastinate. I am just finishing my fourth class at this time and passed all so far. The time has gone by so quickly and I can see that this accelerated nursing school really works. This is a wonderful way to advance in my career and earn my RN Degree. I would encourage anyone who would like the same opportunity to begin class. It’s fast and very do-able.”Johanna Selvidge


Nursing Schools Nashville Student
“I started my quest to earn a RN degree 21+ years ago. When I received the advertisement for Accelerated Learning Center, I was naturally hesitant because the accelerated nursing school approach sounded too good to be true. I have researched different nursing colleges in TN and found that there were so many pre-reqs and the waiting list would have me receiving Social Security before getting my RN degree. After listening to the admissions rep, looking at the statistics, and the cost, there was really no way I could refuse. I love the small class size. I appreciate the schedule where you are able to plan 1 day a week to finish all of the courses. I do recommend Accelerated Learning Center to my co-workers, some of whom have already started the nursing program in Nashville TN..”Barbara Wortham


RN Programs TN Student
“I am a LPN, currently working as a supervisor/skilled nurse. I tried many times before to earn my RN degree, but I have 6 small children, no extra money, so I decided to wait. The instructors make you feel comfortable and positive that you can do it. The instructors at Accelerated Learning Center are dynamite. The convenience of the one-day-a-week classes, the fact I can still work and the flexibility makes me feel great! Payments are made easy for you and I’m constantly talking about the nursing program and how great it is.”Bettye Pilot


RN Programs Tennessee Graduate
“I’ve been a paramedic for 17 years. I am currently employed at the Monroe Carol Children’s Hospital ER at Vanderbilt University Hospital, where I have worked for the past 7 years. Over the past several years I’ve made a number of attempts to move on to obtaining my RN degree, but never seemed to be able to accomplish that goal on my own. It was a major undertaking for me to actually, ‘sign on the dotted line’ with Accelerated Learning Center, though I can already see that I have made HUGE changes, without realizing it, toward being more dedicated to the cause at hand and recently completed their nursing program in Nashville, Tennessee.” Thomas Shanteau, RN


Nursing Colleges in TN Student
“Accelerated Learning Center is helping me make my dream come true,this nursing program in TN was the answer I was looking for,I’ve made many friends with the same dream. My classmates and I are heading in the same direction with ALC at the wheel. Make your dreams come true and join the team.” Shelly Daniel


RN Bridge Programs Nashville Graduate
“I have been a LPN for 20+ years with a lot of critical care experience. I started taking distance learning courses on my own at least 2-3 years ago,it was very difficult to stay focused and motivated due to work and family obligations and life in general. I found myself taking 6-9 months to complete just one course. When I received the postcard about Accelerated Learning Center, the idea of actual classroom time caught my eye. I’m very glad that I made the phone call and took the step into their nursing school alternative in Nashville, TNI managed to complete 3 classes within the first 5 months! This was quite an accomplishment compared to the pace I was going on my own in the past several years. Now, I have completed my RN degree and passed the NCLEX in a little over 1 year.” Rebecca Price, RN


As Wanda Birmingham shares in her own words, finding a nursing school in Nashville Tennessee that is affordable and supportive are two important keys to success, [especially when you get to that all important Clinical Lab (CPNE) and NCLEX. Accelerated Learning Center provides additional Preparatory courses for both the Excelsior College CPNE  and the State NCLEX**

RN Bridge Programs Tennessee Student
“I started looking at different LPN to RN Programs in the Nashville, TN area. I received notices through the mail and didn’t like the options. Then I received one from Accelerated Learning Center. I’m glad that I decided to go there because it has really helped me. I’m not just on my own, as some RN programs are ‘do it yourself’. I have people I can fall back on and it has made all the difference in the world. I came here for help to complete my RN Degree and I will leave with what I came for.”Wanda Birmingham


Nursing School Tennessee Graduate
“I ordered the (a distance learning company’s) study guides and studied 3 of them. But, each time that I took a test, it seemed there was missing information. ALC has done all 3 things that is really helping me: provided wonderful instruction, a lot of information for each subject and classes once-per-week to keep me going. I actually feel like I can see ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’.” (RN Graduate – September, 2008) Brenda Adams, RN


Nursing School Tennessee Graduate
“I’ve enjoyed being a LPN – at the same time, I want to get my RN degree so there will be different jobs to choose from and make more money. I like ALC’s alternative to traditional nursing programs in Nashville because they want to help you pass the exams. They have good instructors. I get a lot out of classes. You won’t go wrong by signing up with ALC!”Pam Essary


Nursing Schools Nashville Student
I could not be happier with ALC. I have found the instructors to be friendly, helpful, and have a willingness to see you through. In the first 3 months, I received 6 college credits! I will say that over the years I have seen a number of nursing programs come and go – all make promises but never follow through. I was skeptical at first, however, I came to realize that this RN Bridge Program actually works. I would recommend this nursing program for anyone who wants to change their life for the better.”Norman Ressler


Accelerated Learning Center Student
“I am a paramedic in Lawrenceburg, TN, since 1989. I received a pamphlet in the mail about Accelerated Learning Center’s alternative to a traditional RN Bridge Program. I came to learn more and I decided that this was the way I wanted to approach getting my degree. I am already finishing my third class! I do enjoy the classroom atmosphere and the instructors.”Pam Robinson


Accelerated Learning Center Inc Student
“After 26 years service as a paramedic in emergency pre-hospital care, I was beginning to feel the ‘burn out’ of the job. Too many 3am calls and I was also feeling the financial pinch of the job. My biggest hesitation was financial, but ALC showed me how ‘it could be done’. The ALC staff is there to support me and I am on my way toward my RN degree.”Alonzo Westbrook


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