CPNE Preparatory Course

Accelerated Learning Center has one of the most competitive and successful CPNE Preparatory classes. We are very proud of our 99% CPNE pass rate.

You are eligible to attend the CPNE Workshop when you have completed all the Nursing Theory exams, 21 out of the 31 required general education credits and the Focused Clinical Competencies Assessment Examination.

We STRONGLY recommend that you submit your CPNE application to a test site before you participate in a workshop.

Overview: These three-day interactive workshops are lead by our Nurse faculty who has gone through Excelsior program. The class is held in our Accelerated Learning Center on-site clinical lab. The workshop helps familiarize you with the structure and process of the CPNE and provides feedback on your readiness to successfully complete the exam. Prior knowledge of the contents in the CPNE Study Guide* will enhance your understanding during the workshop and make the outcome more successful.

The skills portion of the workshop is designed to provide you an opportunity for hands-on practice of specific clinical skills tested in the CPNE. Some clinical management/assessment skills include, neurological assessment, medication administration (NG, IM, SubQ, IV, IV push), wound management (wet to moist dressing change), peripheral vascular assessment, patient teaching, respiratory assessment, and vital signs. Our nursing faculty will assist you to evaluate your ability to perform in a group setting, simulation lab skills and patient care situations. There will also be opportunities to critique your documentation of the nursing care performed.

Duration: Three Days.

* CPNE Study Guides are to be purchased separately from Excelsior College.

CPNE Preparatory Class Schedule
Students are advised to keep checking the website calendar to find out when the CPNE Preparatory class will be scheduled. Secondly, contact Accelerated Learning Center when you are ready so that Accelerated Learning Center can notify you when a class is scheduled.


National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX**):

According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NCLEX**, the NCLEX** is an examination for the licensing of nurses in the United States. There are two types, the NCLEX**-RN and the NCLEX**-RN. Our students take the NCLEX**-RN, after completing a 20 hour preparation lab at Accelerated Learning Center. As of this writing, Accelerated Learning Center students boast a 100% pass rate over a ten year period.

NCLEX** examinations are developed and owned by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. (NCSBN). NCSBN administers these examinations on behalf of its member boards which consist of the boards of nursing in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and four U.S. territories American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and the Virgin Islands.

To ensure public protection, each board of nursing requires a candidate for licensure to pass the appropriate NCLEX** examination. NCLEX** examinations are designed to test the knowledge, skills and abilities essential to the safe and effective practice of nursing at the entry-level. PLEASE NOTE: The NCLEX** is not about memorization but rather one must understand the concept behind critical thinking. As of 2010, the NCLEX** is focusing a lot on how to delegate and prioritize as well as infection control.

NCLEX** examinations are provided in a computerized adaptive testing (CAT) format and are presently administered by Pearson Vue in their network of Pearson Professional Centers (PPC).

Most of the questions of the NCLEX**-RN exam are worded multiple choice questions. In recent years, however, the Boards of Nursing have added broader questions that don’t involve multiple choice. For example, some questions:

* Require identifying and selecting a particular area of a drawn body-part pertaining to the question
* Involve selecting multiple correct answers (via check boxes)
* Calculating an answer for a mathematical question (usually for medication dosages) and inputting the answer
* Arranging according to order a certain medical or nursing procedure (e.g. how to don sterile gloves, or how to do a guaiac test)

Candidates will also encounter fill in the blank questions. Besides multiple choice, these are what are known as “New Format Questions”.

*Accelerated Learning Center, Inc. and www.rnsooner.com are not affiliated with Excelsior College, DANTES, the College Board, or Pearson Vue.

**NCLEX preparation at Accelerated Learning Center is geared toward the states of Tennessee and Kentucky. Kentucky residents will have to complete an additional 120 clinical hours after passing the CPNE. RN licenses are transferable to most states, but there are exclusions. Should you desire to take the NCLEX in a state other than Tennessee or Kentucky, or transfer your RN license in the future, check with that state’s Nursing Board. We do not guarantee transferability, or eligibility to sit for the NCLEX, for any state outside of Tennessee and Kentucky.

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