You can use the knowledge that you already have as a Respiratory Therapist to earn your ASN degree without having to attend a traditional college program. As part of the healthcare industry, your schedule makes it challenging to attend school full-time or do full clinical rotations. Accelerated Learning Center (ALC) offers a solution for individuals who require face-to-face tutoring to ensure success on nationally recognized standardized examinations. Unlike the rigid, semester-based traditional programs, ALC provides scheduling flexibility in a format that won’t disrupt everything else in your life. Superior face-to-face tutoring in a classroom, from highly-experienced professionals, coupled with the Accelerated Flexible Learning Process (AFLP), will prepare you to pass standardized examinations to earn college credit from Excelsior College, an accredited institution. Upon satisfying all curriculum requirements, ALC will also assist in preparing you for both the weekend clinical examination and the NCLEX-RN.

The Accelerated Flexible Learning Process makes it easier than ever to move from RT, earn your ASN degree, and become an RN.

• Provides a solution for busy, working adult students.

• Offers classes in the morning, afternoon and evening, Monday through Saturday.

• Allows you to choose classes that fit into your schedule.

• Classes meet once a week for 4-hours and conclude after 4 to 10 weeks (based on subject matter).

• Designed to overcome the scheduling obstacles customary in traditional college programs.

• Provides quality tutoring and test preparation for an ASN degree while accelerating graduation so you can earn your RN license and enjoy the benefits of a salary increase faster than ever before.

• Attend only one class per week….or more for earlier program completion!

On average, RNs make $10,410 more per year than RTs.* Use the ALC Accelerated Flexible Learning Process to help you move from RT to RN, and enjoy increased job stability, prestige, and salary benefits!

For more information about the program, or to schedule a free consultation or to enroll you may contact us at 615-742-8078 or

*Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook, 2012-2013 edition.