What Nursing Courses Do I Need?

Accelerated Learning Center, Inc., tutors accredited College Courses for the purpose of challenging “Credit by Exam”, CLEP, DSST and ECE Exams. This allows you to achieve college credits in an accelerated pace and at a substantial savings over the on-line and traditional academic programs.

Our main focus in on a program that bridges LPN’s, RT’s, Paramedics and others over to a RN. This is achieved by successfully completing a credit by exam ASN degree, with the help of our tutors and accelerated tutorial program, then taking the State RN NCLEX to achieve your RN license. After that then you may bridge over from an ASN to BSN.

Although, Accelerated Learning Center, Inc., is not affiliated with “Excelsior College*, ALC tutors the Excelsior College (ECE) “Credit by Exam” ASN and BSN nursing program courses for Excelsior students that feel more comfortable with a more traditional classroom setting, instead of the Excelsior “Study on your own” or “On-Line Program. While both ALC and Excelsior lead you to your Associate Degree in Nursing (ASN), allowing you to set for your RN License and then further your education to achieve a BSN. Accelerated Learning Center while allow you to achieve these goals quicker and less expensive and with the aid of professional tutors in a classroom.

The Nursing Courses that you will need to achieve your ASN are as follows.

Nursing Courses to Take for the ECE Nursing Program Exams
ECE Nursing Exam Number
Nursing Course Number
Nursing Course Name  Credits
NURX 104
Health Safety
NURX 105
 Health Differences
NURX 108
 Foundations in Nursing Practice  (Chronicity)
NURX 109
Transition to the Professional Nurse Role
NURX 209
Reproductive Health
NURX 211
Health Differences across the Life Span I
NURX 212
Health Differences across the Life Span II
NURX 213
Health Differences across the Life Span III

*Accelerated Learning Center, Inc. and www.RNsooner.com are not affiliated with Excelsior College or the College Board.

****NCLEX preparation is geared toward the states of Tennessee and Kentucky. Kentucky residents will have to complete an additional 120 clinical hours after passing the CPNE. RN licenses are transferable to most states, but there are exclusions. Should you desire to take the NCLEX in a state other than Tennessee or Kentucky, or transfer your RN license in the future, check with that state’s Nursing Board. We do not guarantee transferability, or eligibility to sit for the NCLEX, for any state outside of Tennessee and Kentucky.