State Board Additional Requirements for Excelsior College*

Accelerated Learning Center, Inc., being located in Nashville, TN, tutors students working on earning their ASN degree from Excelsior College*. Upon graduation from Excelsior College*, our focus is to prepare students for the NCLEX in Tennessee and Kentucky.

On occasion, a student may desire to move to another state. While Excelsior College’s* ASN degree program is accepted by most state boards, there are a handful of exceptions. Also, many states have additional requirements after graduation from Excelsior College*.

Our Kentucky students are a good example. The state of Kentucky require a 120 hour “preceptorship” before an Excelsior College* graduate can sit for the NCLEX. They are granted a provisional license after graduation. This “preceptorship” can be done on-the-job, as long as it is supervised by a qualified RN. This requirement is intended to demonstrate adequate clinical skills and must be completed within 6 months of graduation from Excelsior College*. The NCLEX must also be passed within this 6 month period.

Below is a list of known exceptions to Excelsior College’s* ASN program. Please keep in mind that any state board can change these requirements at any time, without notice. Accelerated Learning Center, Inc. will update these requirements as we become aware of changes. However, we are not attorneys and are providing this information for your convenience. At no time should this be construed as legal advice.

Should you decide to move to another state, it is STRONGLY recommended that you check with that state’s Board of Nursing BEFORE making a decision to move.

Keep in mind that Excelsior College’s* ASN degree is accredited by the Middle States Association and is NLN approved. Therefore, if you move to a state which does not accept your license, you always have the opportunity to work for the Veterans Administration, which has no restrictions for Excelsior College* graduates.

Alabama State Board evaluates Excelsior College* graduates on a case by case basis. Since 2000, any graduates with significant hours of RN experience may apply for endorsement and possibly be accepted for endorsement by the Alabama State Board. Contact the state board for details.

Excelsior students will have to complete 120 hour precepted experience set up by Excelsior College*, after finishing the associate nursing degree requirements. Then they may apply for the NCLEX-RN. Students may endorse into the state with 960 RN hours. (9/2006)

The California Board of Nursing restricted licensure to graduates of traditional nursing programs, as of 12/5/2003. No Excelsior College* graduates can sit for the NCLEX in California, nor can they transfer to California from another state.

Colorado ASN Graduates sitting for boards: Anyone registered before January 1, 2006 will be grandfathered in with no changes to them as long as they keep their registration with Excelsior College* active by paying the applicable maintenance fee each year. Those who complete an Associate Degree and are not LPNs will need 750 additional clinical hours. Those who complete an Associate Degree and are LPNs will need 350 additional clinical hours. The state of CO is currently working on a plan to make those additional clinical hours available. (9/2005)

Florida State Board accepts all LPNs. Non-LPNs doing the RN program through Excelsior College* can still endorse into Florida, however the State Board will now require 2 years of RN experience outside the state of Florida.

Georgia State Board no longer allows Excelsior College* graduates to sit for the NCLEX, or transfer a license from another state. This is currently being reconsidered by the Georgia BON and Govenor.

Illinois does not recognize Excelsior College’s* ASN degree. All graduates from other states may apply for reciprocity with 2 years of RN experience. Each reciprocity request will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Kansas Residents: Check with the Kansas State Board of Nursing about additional clinical hours needed.

This board is requiring that all graduates of all nursing schools do a 120 hour preceptorship upon completion of the nursing program. Further information can be found in paragraph at the top of this web page.

LPNs or graduates with 50% traditional nursing school clinical hours who complete the Excelsior College nursing program may apply for the RN examination. All non-LPN graduates must endorse in with 6 months RN experience.

All graduates enrolled on or before July 24, 2006 and graduate before December 31, 2007 will be eligible to apply for the RN examination or endorsement. No other Excelsior College* ASN graduates can sit for the NCLEX in Maryland. Reciprosity requests are not typically granted. Contact the state board for details.

North Dakota
Will not accept any program that does not have the equivalent of 6 months of clinical rotation. Consequently, Excelsior College* graduate do not qualify for licensure. All graduates from other states may endorse in with 400 hours of RN experience

For initial licensure, students are required to pass two 30-hour precepted experiences in Psych and OB administered by Excelsior College before graduation.

Vermont Residents and Excelsior College: You will need to take your state boards outside the state of Vermont and work 480 clinical hours (roughly 12 weeks) before you can transfer your RN licensure into the state of Vermont. (11/2006)

Effective May, 2008: Virginia Board of Nursing has passed a new regulation that says anyone not enrolled with Excelsior College by April 2 of 2008 will not be allowed to sit for state boards. Those who were enrolled as of April 2, 2008, will have to complete their degree by December 31, 2009.

Only LPNs with 200 hour precepted experience set up through a Washington Nursing Commission approved facility may apply for examination. Graduates who were originally LPNs may endorse in with minimum 200 hours RN experience. All non-LPN graduates with RN experience may be denied endorsement and will have to appeal any denial.

To find contact information for any nursing board click here: Nursing Boards

* Accelerated Learning Center, Inc. and are not affiliated with Excelsior College or the College Board.