Accelerated Learning Center Success Guarantee

Accelerated Learning Center has an outstanding exam pass rate of over 97% for the entire program. We are very proud to say that we have a 99% CPNE pass rate with our students that have complete our CPNE Preparatory course. With this proven success, Accelerated Learning Center offers a guarantee of exam success to our students.Accelerated Learning Center guarantees our student’s success in passing the exams for courses taught at ALC that are needed to achieve their degree. This guarantee is assuming certain academic standards are met. Specifically, if a student fails an exam taken within sixty (60) days of the closure of an Accelerated Learning Center course and the following terms and conditions are met:

• The student must have attended seventy-five (75) percent of the scheduled course.

• The course exam must have been taken within sixty (60) days of the course completion.

If all conditions are met, Accelerated Learning Center will provide the student with an evaluation and assessment of the issues creating the failure. The student will be allowed to re-enroll in the course at no additional charge and the instructor will be informed of the issues and an assessment of corrective measures. Accelerated Learning Center requires that the student take the subject again at no additional cost within six (6) months of class closure in order for the guarantee to stay valid.

Accelerated Learning Center, wants our students to succeed. Therefore, if one of our students were to fail an exam and did not meet the terms and conditions listed above. Accelerated Learning Center has made provisions for that student to re-enroll in the course with the evaluation and assessment at a substantially reduce rate.

There are no other guarantees, written or implied. All conditions must be met before this guarantee will be honored. Accelerated Learning Centers’ guarantee does not cover performance examination including, but not limited to CPNE. Accelerated Learning Center does not guarantee acceptance by any college for admission, or successful completion of the sponsoring school’s clinical exams; however, every effort will be made by Accelerated Learning Center to ensure that the student is prepared for a seamless enrollment process with any degree granting institution and successful completion of clinical exams. Further, Accelerated Learning Center does not guarantee a career in the nursing industry, and that Accelerated Learning Center does not provide placement services, but will aid our students with notices and contact information from potential employers.