Accelerated Learning Center offers a quality tutoring program for an accredited ASN/BSN degree RN bridge nursing program through Excelsior College. The cost of the program is divided into two parts and some of the cost are eligible for Government assisted financial aid and scholarships. Part one is the cost for the ALC Tutoring Program and part two is the enrollment and clinical cost for Excelsior College. Most of the cost for both program parts are not due right away. The ALC Tutoring Program Cost are not eligible for Government assisted financial aid or scholarships, whereas most of the fees for Excelsior College are eligible. Accelerated Learning Center offers several options to purchase our program. They are as follows:

Pay As You Go Option – ALC will allow you to pay for each course as you register for them.

Guaranteed Financing Option – ALC will underwrite you a loan through a third party Billing Company.

  • ALC will allow a 10% Discount on the guaranteed financing program package depending on the amount of the down payment

Paid in Full Option – Pay for your full Tutoring Program up front and receive a 10% Discount.

  • ALC will assist you in applying to Ascend Federal Credit Union for a line of credit.
  • ALC will accept Cash Payment, Check, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, Debit or Credit Card (There is a 4% Processing Fee for Bank Cards)


ALC’s Pay As You Go Option allows the Student to pay for each course separately and at the time each course is being registered. With this option, no price discounting will apply. Course registration and payment are due at any time prior and up to the close of registration, which is three (3) weeks prior to the scheduled first day of the course.

ALC will aid you in applying as an Ascend Federal Credit Union Member. If you are qualified as an Ascend Federal Credit Union Member, you will be allowed a line of credit up to a $15,000.00.

ALC’s Guaranteed Financing Option is a loan underwritten by ALC through a third party billing company. All accounts will be set up for automatic payments with your employer from your employee payroll account, recurring credit/debit card payments or ACH payments directly from your bank account.

ALC is in no way associated, affiliated and/or entered into a partnership with Excelsior College.

Accelerated Learning Center, will be happy to assist you, with any other questions you may have regarding your Financing.