Accelerated Learning Center provides an outstanding credit by exam RN Bridge Program for LPNs, Paramedics and Respiratory Therapists and others that would like to achieve an ASN or BSN degree. As well as achieve their State Board RN License.


To Future Accelerated Learning Center Students,

Stephen K. Jones

Stephen K. Jones, Chairman / CEO

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. I appreciate you allowing me the opportunity to better inform you about the Accelerated Learning Center’s credit by exam RN bridge program.

Our Program bridges LPN’s, RT’s, Paramedics and others to a RN licensure by first tutoring you to a credit by exam ASN degree. This will allow you to take the State RN NCLEX to get your RN license. After you successfully have your RN license you may bridge to a BSN/RN program.

In short, we tutor the accredited Excelsior College ASN and BSN Bridge Program. This program bridges LPN’s, RT’s, Paramedics and others over to a RN. This is achieved by successfully completing a credit by exam ASN degree, with the help of our tutors and accelerated tutorial program, then taking the State RN NCLEX to achieve your RN license. After that then you may bridge over from an ASN to BSN.

There are several advantages to going through the Accelerated Learning Center Program.

COST – Less Expensive.. (One Low Flat Fee … Not per semester hour)
TIME – Accelerated program less time … no waiting list…Become an RN sooner.
PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTORS – Experienced professional s that interact with and motivate our students to success.
GUARANTEE – We guarantee that you will pass your exams to achieve your degree.

Please visit our Exams & Successes Tab or Students Info Tab to see just a few Student Testimonials that I am proud for you to review! After you have reviewed the information in this website and the testimonials, please contact me so that we may discuss your options for your future as an RN.

Thanks Again,
Stephen K. Jones
Chairman/CEO, Accelerated Learning Center, Inc.


At Accelerated Learning Center we have the best RN Bridge Program and we GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS!

 We are a career focused tutoring institution that offers college accredited healthcare education programs to achieve a college degree and/or RN licensure. With our program you will quickly enter and/or advance in the workforce with the skills, education, degree and license, necessary to be successful. Discover your potential and learn how to make the most of it at Accelerated Learning Center. Our curriculum is specifically designed to guide you in your pursuit of a rewarding and successful career.




Accelerated Learning Center was founded in September of 2005 by Dr. Paul Graden and a few other investors. Accelerated Learning Center, Inc. was sold to Stephen K.Jones in November of 2012.

Under his leadership ALC has been totally restructured. In July of 2013 ALC launched a new and improved program with more current and helpful study material. The new Program and Study Material is GUARANTEED and will always remain up to date with Excelsior’s program and the text books that they require for their program. Our new program is not only ACCELERATED, AFFORDABLE, and GUARANTEED, but is current, easy to comprehend, and has more study tools. Our new GUARANTEED program and tutorial study material will consist of the following items to aid you in your success:

• Accelerated Learning Center Highly Qualified Professional Instructors
• Accelerated Learning Center Quick Reference Guide
• Accelerated Learning Center Workbook(s)
• Accelerated Learning Center Reminder Cards
• Accelerated Learning Center Final Practice Exam
• Accelerated Learning Center’s 100% Guarantee

This new tutoring program and study material will prepare you better for success in your quest for the final examinations and the completion of your college degree and RN license.

Accelerated Learning Center (ALC) has been restructured on the principles of delivering quality healthcare training and education to meet the needs of non-traditional learners. Our classroom-style setting, along with our highly qualified instructors and tutorial study material will provide you with the necessary structure and support to ensure successful completion of the Excelsior College degree programs and state exams for certification or licensure.

For more information about the program or to schedule a free consultation or to enroll you may contact us at 615-742-8078 or